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Construction Chemicals Admixtures

A variety of chloride free and chloride based concrete admixtures for increasing the workability of concrete, which includes Normal plasticizers, Superplasticisers, Retarders, Slump retainers and Accelerators etc. Admixtures develop concrete with high durability and strength. Admixtures in the form of fibers help to make a concrete/plaster more workable and durable.

Faircrete RMW



It is a two-in-one integral water proofing admixture for concrete and mortar. Increases workability, reduces permeability throughout the depth of concrete, greater protection to rebars, strength is maintained, increases durability, improves plasticity, cohesion, easier placing, better compaction & finishing. Chloride free. Conforms to IS 2645 - 2003. FAIRCRETE RMW is approved by Bureau of Indian Standard vide ISI registration No.CM/L7648592.

Optimum dosage: 150 ml to 200 ml per 50 kg. cement.

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It is a high range water reducing admixture for concrete conforming to BS 5075 part 3 and ASTM C-494 type 'F', enables high water reduction upto 30% leading to high early and 28 days strength, Ideal with higher grade of concrete mix and precast concrete work, can retain the slump without retardation, chloride free. Dosage: 200 to 1000ml per 50kg bag of cement.

Optimum dosage: 150 ml to 200ml per 50 kg. cement.

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Waterproofing Systems

Complete solution for water leakage by filling pores by crystallization, acrylic modified waterproofing coating, polyurethane coating, epoxy coating, coal tar cold applied coating, waterproofing screeds and instant water plugging compound. Waterproofing by using 3 to 4mm thick membrane sheets is a new concept adopted for large scale construction works.

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Engineering Grouts

A wide range of cementitious, resin and polyurethane based engineering grouts which have non-shrink, free flow, high strength properties. FLOWGROUTs are used for various capacity equipment grouting and for injection grouting.

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Industrial Floor Surfaces

A wide range of cementitious and resin based industrial flooring system. FAIRTOP systems are monolithic, metallic, non-metallic floor hardeners for heavy to light duty floors and also ensures maintenance free industrial floor with high abrasion and chemical resistance. FAIRSCREED systems are based on various Epoxy and MMA resins to give desired performance.

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Surface Treatment

A wide range of Surface Treatment products for Civil Engineering application, like mould release agent in concentrated & ready to use products. FAIRCURE range of products include chemical based, wax based & resin based curing compounds to give effective curing of the concrete.

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Concrete Repairs

A polymer based micro-concrete, cementitious repair mortars for damage concrete. Complete solution for concrete repairs based on cementitious, polymer and resin based repair mortars. Proper application of concrete repairing materials on damaged portion prolonging the life of structures.

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A polysulphide and acrylic sealant for expansion and construction joints.A most reliable sealant for exterior and interior application. The sealants by their expansion and contraction properties facilitate structural movement absorption at these joints.

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