Lilleria Group's Corporate Social Responsibilities Vision

Lilleria Group's CSR Vision To give back to the society in manifold ways by contributing to the social and economic development for the weaker section of the society and build them a better and sustainable way of life Lilleria Group has always believed and adhered to strong values and business ethics. The group seeks to philanthropically contribute in sustainable development of the society. The company has been a part of many causes, in forms of sponsorships and donations. Transcending the cheque book philosophy, Lilleria Group aspires to make sustainable difference in whatever cause it takes up every year. Our community work is a way of telling the people among whom we operate that We Care.


Lilleria Group, a renowned megacorp, which has forayed into many verticals like real estate, hospitality, construction chemicals and racing, has been dedicatedly contributing to the Safety factor of the society with its thoughtful CSR drives.

The group has initiated to save precious lives by maintaining the safety of riders and drivers by increasing their vehicle visibility, especially in the areas with no street-lights, to prevent accidents and loss of lives. Last year, they had undertaken social activities wherein they pasted reflective tapes on the rear mudguards of the cycles, auto rickshaws, motorcycles and other two-wheeler vehicles that ply on the roads. These vehicles are coloured black which make them all the more vulnerable and difficult to spot in darkness. This initiative increases the visibility of cycles and other small vehicles in the dark and saves them from being mowed down.

Thousands of cycles, rickshaws and two-wheelers ply on the city roads especially in industrial areas and resettlement colonies as they are the most preferred mode of transport for labourers and company workers. But after sunset, many areas lack basic facility of electricity and street lights, which makes it difficult for drivers and riders to commute in darkness, making them prone to life-threatening accidents. The factory fitted reflectors are invariably missing. A very simple and cheap solution to this problem is the retro reflective sticker which bounces back light and makes them startlingly visible in dark conditions.The campaign team buys the expensive high quality retro reflective tapes that they stick on the vehicles of those, who are unaware of their benefits and also those who can't afford them.

Last year, under the motto of 'Light saves Life', the company hadundertaken this initiative. In its second consecutive year, this time under the same title, the company shall celebrate the festival of Diwali in its truest form, by sharing lights and saving lives. This campaign is laudable and is drawing the attention of the people because of its voluntary efforts in saving precious lives.

The companyhas identified 8such access roads that cover the entry and exit points of Vadodara that are frequently used for commutation and have access to little or no lights. Last year, even the broken lights were replaced on the spot free of cost, but this year, the emphasis is on reflective stickers as it is more effective.

It is a sorry plight in Vadodara, a city that houses offices of many corporate giants in the world but woefully lacks public transport and support for non-motorised transport. However, Gujarat Police and Traffic Police authorities had been a pillar of strength in the initiative's execution last year. Not only did they help to execute and spread awareness, but they also educated riders and drivers and managed smooth flow of traffic.

The company will be inviting government officials in the activity to attract press and media attention. Promotional activities like lucky draw and takeaways would be employed to create mass awareness. This initiative would be a 3-day campaign covering 8 locations per day for 3 hours every day starting from 4.30 – 7.30 pm backed by a skilful team.

The Reflector Campaign ‘Light Saves Life’

Lilleria undertook the life-saving reflector campaign under the name of 'Light Saves Life'. The company pasted reflective tapes on cycles, auto rickshaws, motorcycles and other two-wheeler vehicles that ply on the roads. They covered 4 locations of the city and continued this activity for 3 days. The campaign got a great response and the Gujarat Police and Traffic Police authorities also assisted this initiative.

The company donated for the 53rd All India Police Duty Meet to encourage them to serve the citizenry well.

While everybody was focusing on children and women, the company sought to help the old age people by donating to the Help Age India Trust for the betterment of the elderly people.

The police authorities have always been the first to look after the city's safety and security. The company took it upon them to laud their services by donating in the Police Department for the Comrade Day.

The floods in the city of Vadodara gave Lileria a chance to contribute to the society’s betterment. The company served food to around 2500 people and also provided them with shelter.