Company Overview

The genesis of Lilleria group was the real estate company Samanvay Builders, which created many architectural landmarks with the efforts put in by the promoters. It was the pioneer company to start the trend of gated communities in the real estate field and its community project has been awarded by the Government for the Best and Cleanest Society, which is a precious title. All the ventures are now included under the umbrella brand of Lilleria Group. The real estate projects of "EDGEWATER Weekend Homes & Resort" and "Lilleria CREEK" are unique riverfront projects that will set high benchmarks for the rivals.

Lilleria Group has also diversified into manufacturing of Construction Chemical business in joint venture with Fairmate Chemicals Pvt Ltd, and has set up a manufacturing unit/factory at Nairobi, Kenya. 

Lilleria Group has diversified into Hospitality with one of the largest banquet halls in Vadodara with 15 elegant rooms, known as Lilleria Banquet & Garden, a capacity to accommodate 8000 guests. The company has started Take Away & Home Delivery services and also plunged into Outdoor catering & Corporate Canteen catering services. Starting Cafeterias known as Cafe Lilleria in the city is the new addition in this sector.  

On a tangent, Lilleria Group diversified into motor sports and owned a national racing team in the Motocross/Super-cross championships; having won the best racing team in India for 3 years with two national championship trophy. In 2015, the team transformed to Lilleria Motorsports which was launched in Sri Lanka, where the team has onboard India's youngest Racers who will be racing for Lilleria Motorsports in Sri Lanka for the National MX Series. 

The Company have also launched recently Lilleria Interiors Inc, an interior design company, which is in the offing.


Lilleria Group envisions a future where it attains global footprint for each of its business verticals


Our mission is to deliver superior value to the customers in every aspect of business with an adherence to strong values and business ethics, our actions, policies and strategies aligned with wider social concerns.

Our Logo

Lilleria Group logo symbolises the Company's character. With bold fonts that stand tall, the blue colour signifies authority, success and security. The letter 'R' is highlighted with a triangle around it. 'R' is the initials of Lilleria Group's promoter Mr. Rajesh Patel, and the triangle implies that the Company has reached the peak of success by his efforts and support. The golden-brown curve around the name symbolises that Lilleria Group is a family that aspires to cover the globe with its newness and innovation.

The Promoters

Lilleria Group is the brainchild of its founders. Right from laying the foundation to make it reach the pedestal at which the company is today, the company has reached the pinnacle of success with their efforts.

Mr. Rajesh Patel, the Chairman of Lilleria Group, earned his Business Management Degree from Houston University, Texas, USA. He comes from a family business of spices and grains with offices across the Middle East for over 6 decades. He diversified and plunged into Construction and Real Estate with M/s Samanvay Builders in 1989, when he moved to India. The Company earned great repute with unique projects and one of the projects was also awarded by the Government.

Mr. Veer Patel, M.D. the next generation brings in the newness and innovation factor with him in the business. After his successful racing career, he decided to join his already successful family business and scale it to greater heights. He has taken over the real estate company and transformed it in to Lilleria Group, which consists of real estate, hospitality, motor sports and manufacturing of construction chemicals. He also diversified with a joint venture with a chemical company in Africa to establish 8 factories over a span of 5 years.

Mr. Pawan Patel, acts in the capacity of Joint Managing Director of the Lilleria Group. He has earned a Degree in Business Administration from Dubai and Audio Engineering from Australia. He contributes with his insights and opinions to help the company make correct decisions and reach the heights of success.

The Chairman's Vision

Together we have dreamt to bring Lilleria Group at the pinnacle of success. Our vision is to leave footprints in this real estate industry by building landmark projects on the strong foundation of quality, professionalism and an unwavering commitment. Our endeavor has been to build international quality into every structure. We envision Lilleria to create benchmarks in every field of its diversification and venture into many more new industries. This is possible with professionalism permeating across the entire organization.

At the onset of the new dawn, we reaffirm our commitment to build upon international standards in order to provide outstanding value to everybody associated with Lilleria Group